The Courses

Below is a list of the courses available so far. All of the courses are on the Udemy platform. Each course contains a couple of hours of content as well as practice activities and quizzes. The courses are easily digestible with quick 5 to 10-minute videos going through each of the topics. 

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Contract Management

Welcome to this course designed to teach engineers and construction management professionals the basics of contract management and construction contracts. The course covers all of the fundamentals you'll need to walk away with a good understanding of construction contracts. The course is broken down into four sections.

Section 1 covers the basics of construction contracts and introduces you to what contracts are, why they are a critical part of the construction industry and the basics of them.  Section 2 dives into the detail of what construction contracts contain. In this section we look at all the specific requirements around time, cost, quality, security, and more. We take you through all these concepts in extensive detail. Sections 3 and 4 go through head contracts and sub-contracts respectively. In each of these sections, we cover the types of contracts, contract formation, and administration, risk management as well as claims and disputes.

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Project Scheduling

Major infrastructure projects involve thousands of people coming together to complete a set of activities in a specific order. This messy and complicated to manage, and working for a contractor, a client is paying your company a fixed fee to ensure all these activities are completed in a specified time period. If the works are not complete in this period, your company may be up for hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in delay charges.

This course is designed for junior engineers entering the construction industry and will teach you the tools and techniques construction management professionals use to ensure their projects finish on time. Learn the purpose and value of construction scheduling, how to develop, monitor, and control the project schedule, and the different types of schedules used on construction projects. The course is practical, simple, and easy to follow with practice activities to reinforce everything you learn during the course.

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The purpose of this course is to provide engineers and other construction management professionals new to the construction/infrastructure industry an overview of procurement and how it is conducted on major projects. Often engineering at university focuses on the technical aspects however many engineers will find the skills needed to excel at their jobs are project management based. This course covers one of the key project management skills used by engineers; procurement. It will provide you a context as to what procurement is and why it's important, and go through how procurement is conducted on a project. It will provide you the pre-requisite level of knowledge needed when you're put into a procurement role on a project. You'll learn how to draft a scope of works, prepare a tender package, run tenders, and select sub-contractors.

The course is broken down into three separate sections. Section 1 focuses on what procurement is and why it is a fundamental part of construction management. Section 2 is all about planning procurement. So how to develop a Work Breakdown Structure, identify what packages you need to procure, and develop a procurement schedule. Section 3 focuses on actually running a tender, so engaging sub-contractors, and suppliers to provide a quote and selecting the best potential sub-contractor.

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Quality and Completions Management

Construction quality and completions management is all about ensuring we achieve the client's requirements for the project. We'll talk about the tools and processes used to ensure the finished construction project matches what the client engaged and paid us to achieve. Primarily, we'll talk about how to identify the project quality requirements, create the quality lot structure, write Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) and other quality control documents and how to manage the project completions and handover process.

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